jueves, enero 26, 2006

Hofmann y la hydergina

Seguí buscando referencias sobre Hofmann y la Hydergina y encontré otro que
dice que Hofmann la toma:

Now, Wilson can use his iMac to communicate with the world
outside--including students, fans and colleagues. Among the latter category
are people like Albert Hoffman, the inventor of LSD as well as a drug
called Hydergine, which Wilson describes as his "current panacea."

"It's a dendrite stimulant," explains Wilson. "Your nervous system has more
dendrites than muscles. I may be walking naturally again someday if it
works as well as some claim. Albert Hoffman is going to have his 100th
birthday in January after 25 years on Hydergine, and everybody says he
looks as healthy as a 60-year-old."

Through the years, Wilson and Hoffman have stayed in touch. "He's a fan of
my books," says Wilson, "and I'm a fan of his drugs."


Robert Anton Wilson or RAW (born January 18, 1932) is a futurist,
libertarian, and novelist. His best-known work -- The Illuminatus! Trilogy
(1975), co-authored with Robert Shea -- humorously examined American
paranoia about conspiracies.

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