lunes, agosto 08, 2005

Reparar efectos cerebrales de la esclerosis multiple

OHSU researchers discover potential mechanism to repair brain damage linked
to MS

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon Health & Science University researchers have
identified some of the key factors that prevent the repair of brain damage
caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), complications of premature birth, and
other diseases and conditions. The findings offer important clues about why
the nervous system fails to repair itself and suggest ways that at least
some forms of brain damage could be reversed. The research is published in
the August edition of the scientific journal Nature Medicine.

"For many years, scientists have understood that damage to the
insulation-like sheath surrounding nerve cells in the brain, called myelin,
is part of the disease process for MS and other brain disorders," said
Larry Sherman, Ph.D., an associate scientist in the Division of
Neuroscience at the Oregon National Primate Research Center and an adjunct
associate professor of cell and developmental biology in the OHSU School of
Medicine. "In recent years, it became clear that there were cells at the
sites of this damage that should have the capacity to repair the brain and
spinal cord but they fail to do so. Our studies have revealed that there is
a particular signal in the damaged brain that prevents these cells from
restoring lost myelin
. We're hopeful that we can develop methods to
counteract this process in animal models in our search for human treatments."

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