martes, mayo 17, 2016

Consejos del libro Two Awsone Hours de Josh Davis

Here are some key tips for how and what to eat and drink to increase productivity over the two to three hours after your meal or snack:

     •   Eat only half your breakfast or lunch and enjoy the second half a couple of hours later.
     •   If you need a quick boost, a high-carb snack may help you focus and feel good for about fifteen minutes. If you need to be in top mental shape for longer than that, avoid carb-rich meals and snacks altogether: Don't go for pasta dishes, sandwiches, or pizza. Leave out the juices, sodas, and sweetened iced teas. Skip the fries, chips, extra bread, and sweets.
     •   Eat meals or snacks that have a nice mix of proteins, low glycemic index carbs, and good fats—vegetables and fruits are generally good carbs; nuts make great snacks for when you are on the run.
     •   Don't be fooled into eating a carb-rich meal. The whole meal or whole snack should be high in protein and low glycemic index carbs. If you have some chicken along with a giant plate of rice and beans and a sweetened iced tea, you are eating a carb-rich meal.
     •   Drink water if you haven't had any for the last hour or two or if you've done any physical activity. It makes a difference.
     •   If you are tired or sleep deprived, drink a caffeinated drink, but keep it small. Don't drink more than what you normally would. Give it thirty minutes to kick in. And go ahead and put cream in that coffee—the fat may help keep your blood sugar level more stable.

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Por qué almorzar frente a la computadora puede ser una mala idea

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