lunes, enero 30, 2006

Hay limites a la reingenieria humana?

Una interesante nota sobre la tecnología y las drogas de perfeccionamiento. Comienza con una descripción de lo ue puede ser un futuro n tan lejano y las implicaciones éticas:

There is no stop button in the race for human re-engineering

Science will soon give some of us the tools to make ourselves cleverer and stronger. What will it mean for our humanity?

Madeleine Bunting
Monday January 30, 2006
ver nota en The Guardian


"Five years later, my little grand-daughter is starting school. Again her parents have talked over the pros and cons of cognitive enhancement. A pharmcogenetic package is now routinely offered on the NHS after the government decided that, given international competition in the global knowledge economy, there was no option but to ensure the nation's schoolchildren had better powers of memory and concentration."
"What we've been unhappy about is that my daughter has been very tired trying to hold down her job and be a mum, and she's come under a lot of pressure from her boss to get help. What they mean is that she should go on to Provigil. They point out that if she was taking it, she could miss several nights of sleep without any problem. Her colleagues call her a bio-Luddite for refusing."