sábado, enero 14, 2006

Neurogenesis y migracion de las nuevas neuronas

El cerebro produce nuevas neuronas que migran siguiendo el flujo del líquido cefaloraquídeo. Otro nuevo interesante estudio sobre la plasticidad cerebral.


January 13, 2006  

New Neurons Go with the Spinal Fluid Flow

  Recent research has revealed that brains continue to produce new
neurons throughout life, helping create new neural networks
. This
neurogenesis only takes place in a few specific areas, such as the area
in which the brain and spinal column meet
. The new cells, however, can
migrate throughout the brain and turn up as far away as the olfactory
--a cluster of nerve cells at the front surface of the brain
responsible for the sense of smell. A recent study in mice has revealed
that these neurons make the long and complicated journey by going with
the flow of spinal fluid circulating in the brain