lunes, octubre 08, 2007

Los consejos de Hyla Cass para mejorar la capacidad mental

Top Tips for Natural Mind Enhancement

If your razor-sharp intellect is blunted and your memory is failing you, here's what to do for that extra mental edge:
Take a B complex supplement that provides 50 mg each of vitamins B3, B5, B6, 50 mcg of B12 and 400 mg of folic acid (in addition to what's in your multivitamin); also take 1,000 mg of DHA/EPA or eat fish three times a week.
Your mind-boosting formula can contain any or all of the following. Experiment with the individual products to get your own special mix.
Start with 60 mg of ginkgo
add in 200 mg of phosphatidyl choline
200 mg of DMAE
10 mg of vinpocetine
and 50 mg of phosphatidyl serine. These doses are acceptable in a combined formula, but again, use your own response as the measure.

Other Tips:
Do some aerobic exercise to oxygenate your brain, raise endorphins, and as an added bonus, burn some fat.
Take a bath with essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon or peppermint dispersed in the water, or scent your room with them.
Listen to stimulating music.
Maximize the light in your room with natural daylight or full-spectrum lighting.

Por Hyla Cass, que no sé cuanta credibilidad tiene pero no parece mal orientado. Hay otros consejos (stress, energía, ánimo) en la nota Top tips for natural highs.

En realidad que las vitaminas B sean todas en 50 mg es algo infundado y más bien porque es así como se venden.