domingo, diciembre 04, 2005

Ejercicio contra el Alzheimer y otros males

El ejercicio aumenta la proteína megalina que expulsa del cerebro a la proteína beta amiloide que se acumula en el cerebro de los enfermos de Alzheimer's .

Beat Alzheimer's with exercise

Charlotte Schubert

Exercise helps to flush a toxic molecule from the brain and causes a
beneficial one to move in and protect nerve cells
, research on mice shows.
The discovery might help to explain why staying fit and keeping mentally
active seem to fend off Alzheimer's disease in humans.

"Our experiments support the idea that exercise is a good approach to all
types of problems in the brain and that a sedentary lifestyle is a risk
says Ignacio Torres-Aleman, who led the study at the Cajal
Institute in Madrid.

Torres-Aleman and his colleagues were intrigued by previous studies showing
that exercise slows mental decline in mice engineered to mimic Alzheimer's
disease. They set out to discover the reason.

They found that exercise doubled the levels of a protein that helps to
flush molecules thought to underlie Alzheimer's disease
out of the mice's
brains and into their blood. The protein, called megalin, ejects a
potentially destructive protein called amyloid-beta
. In Alzheimer's
patients, amyloid-beta accumulates in clumps throughout the brain.