domingo, junio 19, 2005

Lista de abreviaturas

Esta es una lista de abreviaturas que se suelen usar en recetas o artículos
en Inglés:

aa of each
ad lib. freely, at pleasure
b.i.d two times a day
c with
et and
gr. grain
gtt drop
h.s. at bedtime, at hour of sleep
N.R.(non rep) do not repeat, no refill
O.D. right eye
O.S. left eye
O.U. both eyes
p.c. after meals
p.o. by mouth
p.r.n if needed, as needed
q.s. a sufficent quantity
q.s. ad a sufficent quantity , up to
q.i.d four times a day
q.o.d every other day
s without
ss one half
t.i.d three times a day
ut dict. (u.d.) as directed