domingo, septiembre 23, 2007

Rhodiola ayuda en la depresion y a estudiantes

Parece que sigue el interés en la hierba Rhodiola como adaptógeno, mejorador del ánimo y de la agilidad mental.

Yo la he probado pero no de una marca reconocida. No noté un claro efecto. Recomiendo, si pueden, comprar la del Swedish Herbal Institut o alguna que tenga respaldo.

La buena noticia es que según el artículo en Canadá se está cultivando en la provincia de Alberta. Puede ser que tengamos un producto accesible y de buena calidad.

Meanwhile, Wikman and the Swedish Herbal Institute, which makes a rhodiola
extract called SHR-5
, have continued laboratory and human tests. In 2000,
they reported that SHR-5 protects snail embryos from heat, copper, and
oxidative stress. When given the herb extract, fewer of the embryos died
after exposure to these stressors than did embryos not given the extract.

Also in 2000, Wikman and his colleagues in Russia published results from a
randomized, double-blind trial of university students who took SHR-5 at the
end of a semester. Students taking the herb for 20 days fared better on
measures of fatigue and mental performance than did students who took a
. Another study published in 2000 found an antifatigue effect of the
herb among 56 physicians working night shifts.

domingo, septiembre 09, 2007

Conviene distribuir el estudio en el tiempo

Estudiar en grandes bloques no ayuda al aprendizaje a largo plazo. Conviene hacerlo por partes y repasar, es decir distribuir el estudio en el tiempo.

In other words, as reported in the August issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, �massing� all the study on a single topic into a single session reduces long-term retention. It�s better to leave it alone for a while and then return to it. Rohrer and Pashler also wanted to see if the duration of study breaks might make a difference in learning. It did. When two study sessions were separated by breaks ranging from five minutes to six months, with a final test given six months later, students did much better if their break lasted at least a month. So, rather than distribute their study of some material across just a few days, as millions of school children do when given a different list of vocabulary or spelling words each week, students would be better off seeing the same words throughout the school year.