viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

DHA, p300 latency and Memory

DHA and Memory

Myanaga, K, Yonemura, K et al. DHA Shortens p300 latency in healthy persons. International Conference on Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Nutrition and Disease Prevention 1996. Barcelona, Spain.

A certain type of brain wave called p300 is linked to memory and learning. The faster the rate of transmission, the more efficiently the brain is functioning. The rate declines with age, and is slower in people with dementia. To demonstrate if Omega-3 fatty acids influence this brain function, researchers took 26 normal adult volunteers hooked them up to electrodes and gave them a test that determined their p300 rate. Immediately after taking the test, they were given supplements of either EPA or DHA (both are derivatives of Omega-3 from fish). Two hours later, their brain waves were measured, and this time the p300 rate was significantly faster in the group given the DHA supplements, supporting their hypothesis that DHA might enhance mental abilities in adults as well.