domingo, septiembre 09, 2007

Conviene distribuir el estudio en el tiempo

Estudiar en grandes bloques no ayuda al aprendizaje a largo plazo. Conviene hacerlo por partes y repasar, es decir distribuir el estudio en el tiempo.

In other words, as reported in the August issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, �massing� all the study on a single topic into a single session reduces long-term retention. It�s better to leave it alone for a while and then return to it. Rohrer and Pashler also wanted to see if the duration of study breaks might make a difference in learning. It did. When two study sessions were separated by breaks ranging from five minutes to six months, with a final test given six months later, students did much better if their break lasted at least a month. So, rather than distribute their study of some material across just a few days, as millions of school children do when given a different list of vocabulary or spelling words each week, students would be better off seeing the same words throughout the school year.