domingo, agosto 01, 2010

Dra Nancy C. Andreasen

Esta es la Dra de la que habla Dr Fidel en el video: Nancy C. Andreasen, autora de The Creating Brain: The Neuroscience of Genius

Me gustó esto de

What advice do you have for young people?

It's important to recognize that you're going to have a lot of failures, especially if you're a gifted person you're going to receive a lot of criticism and so you have to be willing to accept rejection over and over and pick yourself up and persist even if people doubt you or turn down your papers or whatever they happen to do, so persist and work hard. I guess another important thing is to find something that you really think is important that you care about passionately and pursue that.

Cerebro creativo por Dr. Fidel

"Existen nuevos descubrimientos que demuestran que existen cerebros que más fácilmente pueden hacer adicciones. Esta investigación permitirá elaborar sistemas de prevención y tratamiento más efectivos…"

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