jueves, enero 12, 2006

Importancia del DHA del aceite de pescado

"The synaptic vesicles contain DHA. It is quite possible that depletion in this fatty acid prevents synaptic vesicle synthesis and therefore results in a sharp reduction in neurotransmission. This latter event may precede, and be responsible for, the subsequent over-production of the nerve-toxic amyloid beta protein.

Therefore, insufficient DHA may be a key element in age-associated loss of mental acuity. Supplementing with the omega-3 fatty acids may help attenuate this effect. Another potential method to increase the brain level of DHA is to take an antioxidant, such as vitamin E or alpha lipoic acid, which may help prevent the destruction of this important nutrient."

Ya sabamos que los omega 3 del aceite de pescado son diferentes de los de otras fuentes y no todos convertimos eficazmente los omega 3 en EPA/DHA. Por lo tant arece conveniente incrementaar el consumo de pescado o de suplementos o de huevos enriquecidos.